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Nick and his family

Nick Petrov


Nick Petrov was born in Moscow, Russia 1935. He immigrated to New York City with his family in 1980.

In Russia he worked as an engineer, but was always very creative in his spare time. He is a Jack of all trades. Nick made jewelry, worked with metals like copper and iron, created iron sculpture, and worked with wood. He made all his own furniture out of wood working in his own kitchen with just a saw and a filer.


My father, Mr.Petrov, is also a highly intellectual, he knows everything about everything, there is not a question I can't ask him.


Galina Petrov

Galina Petrov is married to Nick and they came to USA together with their daughter.

In Russia Galina specialized in gas and oil pipelines.

Her first creation was a tapestry that she made in 1975, after that there was no stopping. She had a collection of tapestries that sold all over the world and one is in a Museums in Moscow. 

Galina created ceramic figurines that were sold at Jacquline's Gallery.

In 2000 she started her collection of digital collages that are sold at

She is now changed her  media and creating mandalas that are for sale and displayd on this site.

She is a member of RIVAA Gallery on Roosevelt Island in NYC.

My mother is the most positive, energetic and enthusiastic person I know. She is ecstatic and full of life.

Lana Perov

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